BB Stockholm gave Christmas Present of the Year to LSF

Swedish BB Stockholm gave Christmas Present of the Year 2015, to Life Support Foundations work to prevent mothers and babies death through critical care in Tanzania.

Through obstretic care, BB Stockholm serves many residents in the capital area of Sweden, but also reaches out to help pregnant mothers and their newborn babies in the rest of the world.IMG_1144_2

Telling about the Christmas Present of the Year on their website, BB Stockholm writes:
“A particularly vulnerable group in the context of war and conflict are women and children. One way to help them is to support international projects aiming to improve care for them. Thanks to the political leadership internationally and the development of health care in many low-income countries, infant mortality has been halved since 1990. In order to achieve a sustainable improvement, above all there is a need for knowledge and trained staff in in low-income countries. We know that this is an insight that all of our employees also share. We have therefore decided this year to donate money to two projects in Tanzania. Both aim to improve care for pregnant women and their newborn children.”

In the article BB Stockholm also tells:
“Money will be donated to the ” Life Support Foundation,” an international independent medical organization that wants to prevent deaths related to life-threatening situations in low income countries by increasing access to and quality of basic lifesaving interventions”

The foundation “Mödrar i Världen”, working with medical supplies and the training of midwives in Tanzania, also receives money.

“We are very proud to have employees who are actively involved in both of these projects,” BB Stockholm writes.

Life Support Foundation is very thankful for the generous donation, that will be helpful in the work to save mothers and newborn babies lives inTanzania.

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