First Life Support-course held at Amana Hospital

Yet another training course in Anaestesia and Obstetric Emergency Care has just been held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, by Life Support Foundation. The location was for the first time Amana Hospital, and 30 doctors and nurses attended.

” I will dream every day on how to use ABC.” DSC_0091

“I will call for help for any difficulties and use my help.”

“I will teach others on how to work as a team.”

These are some of the comments from the doctors and nurses attending the course this week at Amana Hospital.

DSC_0054In a country where there are just 20 anaesthetists on a population of 40 million people, there is an urgent need of more training. The need to find affordable yet sustainable ways of providing critical care, was also a key message at the conference on critical care and paediatric anesthesia in district hospitals, by the Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania (SATA) this week.

DSC_0032Life Support Foundation is continuing the work with providing basic, life-saving knowledge in the classic ABC of Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Over 400 doctors & nurses have been trained in Life Support in Tanzania so far.

One of the Swedish doctors teaching this year was Bijan Darvish from Karolinska University Hospital:

– This is the first time that Life Support Foundation holds a course outside of the Muhimbili National Hospital, and my impression is that we managed to complete it in a very good way. DSC_0181The course has been well-organized, intense and instructive for both participants and course providers, he says.

It is the firsttime for Bijan Darvish to be with Life Support Foundation in Tanzania.

– I have never before experienced similar relief work and I realize that I should have started many years ago. To experience health care in Tanzania, even for a few days has really been “an eye-opener”. Health care is driven with minimal resources by enthusiastic people who have great potential for development DSC_0196and the need of basic education initiatives. The contribution from Life Support Foundation saves lives.

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