Four Local Project Administrators recruited in Dar es Salaam

Life Support Foundation has recruited four Local Project Administrators in Dar es Salaam. The aim is to strengthen the cooperation with the hospitals and medical associations in Tanzania and to work more strategically in the areas of Anaesthesia, Acute Obstetrics and Intensive Care in the country.

Susan– The need to work in collaboration to build local capacity is urgent in Tanzania, where there are presently only 20 specialists in Anaesthesia.  It is therefore a step in the right direction for us to strengthen our local presence with four Project Administrators, says Dr Tim Baker, Chairman of Life Support Foundation.
The new administrators are Abel Mussa Ntungi, Anaesthetist at Muhimbili National Hospital, Suzan Mbonde at Muhimbili National Hospital, Christopher Mnzava at Amana Hospital and Omar Issa at Sinza Hospital.
– We promise good cooperation for the purpose of improving Anaesthesia in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania at large, says Dr Christopher Mnzava.Christopher

Earlier this year an Alumni Association was started for doctors and nurses in Tanzania who have visited Sweden as part of the Life Support Foundation/MKAIC exchange programme. The aim is to spread the knowledge about anaesthesia, intensive care and acute obstetrics throughout the country.Omar Issa
– I want to make sure that the doctors and nurses who have been to Karolinska share what they have learned with others, says Abel Mussa Ntungi, who has initiated the Alumni Association.

IMG_0796NYHe stresses the importance of teamwork and being able to plan different projects in a more effective way.

This far Life Support Foundation has trained 441 doctors and nurses in Tanzania, and a new course will be held in Dar es Salaam in May. The presence of four Local Administrators will facilitate communication between the local administration and the LSF head office in Sweden, and the capacity to expand into new areas will improve.