Life Support Foundation is growing. In 2016 we expanded our work in Sweden and Tanzania and started activities in Malawi in order to spread awareness of global emergency care, anaesthesia and intensive care. Our projects have helped to improve the care for some of the sickest and most disadvantaged patients in the world, reducing suffering and saving lives.


  • Two training courses in Obstetric Anaesthesia and Obstetric Emergency Care at Muhimbili and Amana Hospitals in Dar es Salaam (75 participants)
  • Training in Paediatrics and Care of Critically Ill Children at Muhimbili (35 participants)
  • Training in Trauma and Emergency Anaesthesia at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (35 participants).
  • Total number of doctors and nurses now trained in Tanzania by Life Support Foundation = 576
  • Life Support Orientation courses for 23 staff from Sweden
  • Training in Critical Care & Anaesthesia Where There is No Doctor for African Non-Physician Clinicians in Gotland, Sweden


  • Five exchanges to Karolinska University Hospital by anaesthetic doctors and nurses from Muhimbili
  • Two exchanges to Danderyds Hospital by anaesthetic nurses from Temeke and Amana Hospitals in Dar es Salaam
  • Two exchanges to BB Stockholm by Gynaecologists from Amana and Mwanyanamala Hospitals in Dar es Salaam
  • Visit by Dr Mpoki, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health in Tanzania to Sweden, to give several talks and interviews, to meet the Foreign Office, the Swedish Goverrnment and Karolinska University Hospital and to strengthen links between Life Support Foundation and Tanzania
  • Bedside teaching in Obstetric Anaesthesia, Care of Sick Mothers and Newborns at Muhimbili, Amana & other Dar Hospitals by doctors and nurses/midwives from Stockholm
  • Bedside teaching on the neonatal wards at Muhimbili by doctors and nurses from Sweden

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  • Continued support for the training of Dr. Eva Shanga to become a Specialist in Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
  • Successful advocacy to increase the number of trainee doctors in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Tanzania (increased from one in 2013 to nine in 2014, ten in 2015 and eight in 2016)
  • Two delegates from Life Support Foundation held lectures at the Third Scientific Conference of the Society of Anaesthesiologists of Tanzania (SATA) in May
  • Financial support for 10 Anaesthetic Nurses from rural hospitals in Tanzania to attend the SATA conference


  • Donation of 365 anaesthesia and acute medicine handbooks to doctors and nurses in Tanzania
  • Donation of 385 USB Memory sticks filled with medical e-books and medical information to doctors and nurses in Tanzania
  • Donation of 30 anaesthesia textbooks to Anaesthesia residents in Tanzania
  • Facilitated the donation of 178 pulse oximeters from Lifebox to anaesthetic nurses from hospitals in rural Tanzania

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  • Continued use and follow-up of the Vital Signs Directed Therapy protocol on the ICU at Muhimbili
  • Data collection for follow-up of the Vital Signs Directed Therapy protocol on the ICU at Muhimbili
  • Publication of “Establishing an Anaesthesia and Intensive Care partnership and aiming for national impact in Tanzania.” in the peer-reviewed journal Globalization & Health
  • Publication of “Samarbete Tanzania-Sverige för bättre anestesi och intensivvård” in the Swedish journal Läkartidningen
  • Completed Resident project “ICU admission at Muhimbili National Hospital”
  • Completed manuscript for the research “Paediatric Anaesthesia at Muhimbili”
  • Published articles in Nya Wermlands Tidningen, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, Omvärlden, Läkartidningen
  • Initiated research into prioritisation of Caesarean Sections at Amana Hospital in Dar es Salaam


  • Expanded Life Support Foundation’s activities to Malawi in Southern Africa
  • Initiated capacity building projects on the Intensive Care Unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre
  • Clinical care by Dr Tim Baker on the Intensive Care Unit
  • Conducted bedside training and formal teaching in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in the hospital and at the College of Medicine
  • Held weekly Critical Care Nursing Seminars
  • Started the research project: “Critical Illness Prevelance and Outcome Study”
  • Sponsored the travel and participation of a resident in Anaesthesia and an Anaesthetic Clinical Officer to the Tanzanian SATA conference in May.

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  • Continued the two year project funded by the Kavli Trust “Life Support for Mothers & Babies in Dar”
  • Increased our funding from other sources
  • Increased our number of monthly donors to Life Support Foundation.
  • Held a public seminar on Life Support Foundation’s activities at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna in August
  • Conducted Sweden’s second seminar in Global Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the national Anaesthesia Conference (SFAI) in September
  • Together with international anaesthesiologists founded iGAS, the “International Group Assisting SATA” in Tanzania
  • Renewed the Memorandum of Understanding between Life Support Foundation and Muhimbili
  • Produced information films about our work together with Swedish Frames / Magnus Lindsten / Max-Michel Kolijn. See the latest film here.

Earlier achievements:

Life Support Foundation Årsredovisning 2016

Life Support Foundation Årsredovisning 2015