Life Support Foundation Board


CEO: Dr Tim Baker MB ChB
Tim Baker2

Dr Baker is a Specialist Anesthesiologist at Karolinska. He has a longstanding interest in global and African health, and has been involved in many projects throughout the world. He has worked extensively in Tanzania, improving clinical services and training staff. He is one of the founders of the international collaboration “MKAIC” and has coordinated the collaboration since its inception. He has a PhD on Critical Care in Low-Income Countries, has published reviews on anesthesia and critical care in low-income countries and speaks fluent Swahili.

Chair: Prof Claes Frostell MD PhD

Claes_FrostellProf Frostell is Consultant Anaesthesiologist at Danderyds Hospital in Stockholm and was appointed Professor at Karolinska Institutet in 2001. He has many years of experience at setting up and supporting international links and has been actively involved in the MKAIC project.



Deputy Chair: Associate Prof Lars Irestedt MD PhD

Lars IrestedtDr Irestedt is a Senior Consultant and Associate Professor in Obstetric Anesthesia at Karolinska. He has worked in Anesthesia since 1970 and has been both Head of the Department of Anesthesia and Head of Obstetric Anesthesia. He has carried out extensive research in anesthesia and is widely seen as one of Europe’s foremost Obstetric Anesthesiologists. Prof Irestedt was one of the founders of MKAIC and has had an active role in project management, training and research.

Secretary & Treasurer: Dr Henrik Jörnvall MD PhD

henrik4Dr Jörnvall is Consultant Anesthesiologist and head of the department of Obstetric Anesthesia at Karolinska. He has been worked in many low-income countries and has an interest in anesthesia in resource-scarce environments. He is one of the founders of MKAIC and has been involved in project management and training since its inception.


Board member: Lott Törngren, unit manager  at Folke Bernadotte Academy

Lott has her roots in civil society, with voluntary involvement in the Youth League of the Red Cross and work for Unga Hörselskadade. She has also worked as an International Coordinator within KFUM with SIDA-funded cooperation projects, primarily in Palestine, but also in Africa and Eastern Europe. This has provided many valuable experiences, not least how to apply for project funding for different types of organizations.