Life Support Foundation is an international, independent, medical organisation aiming to prevent deaths due to acute, life-threatening conditions in low-income countries through improving the access to and quality ofbasic life-saving interventions.


Life Support Foundation will work to realise its aim through:

  • advocating globally for health services and health systems to be more responsive to the needs of people with acute, life-threatening conditions
  •  improving access to and quality of Anaesthesia in low-income countries
  • improving access to and quality of Emergency and Critical Care in low-income countries
  •  improving access to and quality of emergency obstetric care and resuscitation of mothers and newborn babies in low-income countries
  • encouraging international collaboration between health workers
  • increasing health workers’ understanding of global health issues and the socio-economic effects on health and health services
  • conducting research to increase knowledge about Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Care where resources are limited.