What we do

  • Save the lives of mothers, babies and acutely unwell patients.
  • Build up stable collaborations with hospitals, universities, doctors & nurses in low-income countries.
  • Hold training courses. Nearly 700 doctors & nurses trained in saving lives so far. 20161110_125057ny
  • Hold staff exchanges between Sweden and lowincome countries.
  • Encourage Swedish doctors and nurses to get involved in Global Health projects.
  • Encourage junior doctors to choose Anaesthesia and Intensive Care as their specialty and sponsor resident training.
  • Carry out research projects.
  • Facilitate equipment donations.
  • Introduce protocols and checklists to promote safe practices.
  • Advocate for the importance of Anaesthesia, Emergency care and Life Support

We have shown that our aims are realistic and that we have the capacity to make it work. We have increased knowledge, improved practices and saved lives.

Short facts about Life Support Foundation in pdf