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Life Support Foundation is an international, independent, medical organisation aiming to prevent deaths due to acute, life-threatening conditions in low-income countries through improving the access to and quality of basic life-saving interventions.

Short facts:
  • Millions of people in the world die of surgically treatable conditions. Trauma kills more people than HIV, malaria and tuberculosis combined. The injuries often require surgery and critical care.IMG_0425
  • Acute and emergency care has been hugely under-prioritized and under-resourced in Tanzania and other low-income countries. There is a huge lack of anaesthetists and without safe anaesthesia it is not possible to perform  surgery.
  • There are only 300 doctors and 9400 nurses in Tanzania, a country with a population of 50 million people.
  • Out of the doctors, just 22 are anaesthetists. In Sweden, with 10 million people, there are 2400 anaesthetists.
  • Due to complications during childbirth, one of 10 babies and one of 100 mothers die out of 10,000 deliveries every year at Tanzania’s largest hospital, Muhimbili. Most of the deaths could easily be avoided with the right skills.
  • Fluids, oxygen, blood transfusions, sugar. Life Support for sick patients can be summarized in the classic “ABC” – Airway, Breathing, Circulation. If good quality Life Support was provided all over the world, hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved. And it is done with simple and available methods.
  • Life Support Foundation has this far trained nearly 700 doctors and nurses in order to save lives.
Contact us:

image-1Life Support Foundation has activities throughout the year, in Sweden, Tanzania and Malawi in order to save lives. If you wish to know more about our work, you are wellcome to contact us. We can also provide high resolution photos.

Contact us at:

Read more about what we have achieved

Short facts about Life Support Foundation in pdf

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