Eva Shanga has graduated and got her first job as an Anaesthesiologist

She works as the first and only Anaesthesiologist at Temeke Regional Hospital, which serves over one million people in Tanzania. Eva Shanga, whose education has been sponsored by the Life Support Foundation and EDUF, has now completed her training and has got her first job as a specialist.

It was the events surrounding the birth of her first child Henry, which caused Eva Shanga to become an Anaesthesiologist. She needed to have an acute caesarean section, but had to wait for over two hours for an Anaesthesiologist to arrive from another hospital before the operation could begin.

In addition to the studies, she has been responsible for her family. The two children are today 5 and 3 years old.

– The support from the Life Support Foundation and EDUF has meant that I could concentrate on studies instead of worrying about funding. Without this support, it would have been impossible for me to study”, says Eva.

Every year, at least 7900 mothers die during childbirth. Eva Shanga, who could have been one of them, sees the need for more rural professionals. In many areas, there are no Anaesthesiologists at all.

– My dream for the future is to improve the health of women and children during labor and to reduce the maternal mortality. I wish to convey what I learned to others and encourage more people to invest in this specialty,” she says.

See a video interview with Eva Shanga

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