Exciting opportunity to work in Tanzania

Would you like to be a Visiting Lecturer in Anaesthesia in Tanzania? This is an exciting opportunity to work within this field for Lifebox. All Resident physicians from Europe are wellcome to apply for the position.

Assist with revision and delivery of the anaesthesia diploma curriculum at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) while leading on delivery of a quality improvement project in collaboration with the UK-registered charity Lifebox

Work with teaching staff at KCMC to support the integration of pulse oximetry and the Surgical Safety Checklist into the curric
ulum of the anaesthesia diploma course.

Support local anaesthetic staff to introduce key basic safety checks into clinical practice at KCMC and at six other neighbouring hospitals, while gaining a profound understanding of the challenges inherent in practicing anaesthesia in a resource-poor environment like Tanzania.

Provide weekly tutorials for student nurse anaesthetists, and support the evaluation of checklist training and oximeter usage.

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Lifebox Tanzania Fellowship Pack